5 Common Playing Mistakes to Avoid As a Beginner | Irish Accordion Lessons

1. Putting thumb behind the keyboard instead of on the side

This is without doubt the most common error I see beginners making. By placing your thumb behind the keyboard you are restricting yourself. Placing your thumb on the side of the keyboard allows you to stretch your fingers more and move up and down the keyboard much smoother.

2. Not using all four fingers when playing

A lot of beginners try to use just one or two fingers to play. Usually their index and middle finger. Sometimes it’s not possible to get up and down using just one or two fingers. Using all four fingers allows tunes to flow freer and makes life a lot easier for the player.

3. Not sitting up straight when playing

Sometimes box players look down at the keyboard to try and see what notes they are playing. Bending over could cause back problems. When playing sit back, shoulders back and relax.

4. Skipping over notes

A lot of beginners tend to skip over certain notes while playing. It’s important to give each note time to breath. Try leaning in on each note before moving onto the next one.

5. Not using outside row B and E

For more advanced players it is very important to utilise the outside row B and E noted as these help tunes to flow much smoother. They also allow a player to use utilise the bases more effectively.

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